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Right now, America needs leaders to lead us out of this economic crisis. This leadership must come not only from our political leaders but also from average citizens. American jobs have been exported at an alarming rate and it is time that we, as Americans, get back to what was once a great manufacturing nation.

Take a stroll through any store and you will see the majority of products on shelves are made overseas. These products, which are bought by large national chains are made in factories overseas just to save a few lousy pennies. Saving a few cents usually equates to less than desirable product quality.

At CMI, we still believe that the American worker and a quality, American-made product is the future to a bright economy. Being located in a small town, we have seen the effects of having a large company moved overseas. After our large shoe factory left our county, the majority of our workers drive across state lines and a treacherous mountain for work every day. At CMI, we are doing our part to bring jobs back to our area as well as continue the tradition of making a high quality, American-made product for you.

From our humble beginnings, to our current factory, we believe that people make the difference. You will never call in to CMI only to be greeted by an automated, push button prompt. We are here for you and we are doing our part to ensure that our products are made in the USA and produced using American-made machinery and metals.

Our machine shop currently consists of 21 CNC machine centers. Our highly skilled workers are able to take a customer's design from concept to completion very quickly. All of our CNC machine centers are manufactured in Oxnard, CA by Haas. Our raw steel and aluminum billets are sourced from Yarde Metals in Bristol, CT. All our figure 8 rings are hot forged in Ferndale, MI.

At CMI, we are also aware of our environment and the responsibility to maintain it. All metal chips from our machines are taken to a local scrap yard and recycled. We also use environmentally-friendly cutting fluids in all of our CNC machine centers.

2017 marks our 53rd year in business. We are proud to bring you a fairly priced, quality, American product. Be good to your fellow man, support the environment, be kind to animals and place building a quality product, supporting your country and fellow American worker before the almighty dollar.