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Design, develop, manufacture and market...

...these are the core values and processes within ISC. Although only a relatively small global player, we are independently owned and managed. This has allowed us the flexibility to exploit embryonic markets, remain at the forefront of product innovation and invest in cutting edge technology.

Product design, development and prototyping lie at the centre of activities at ISC. We have invested heavily in engineering and design personnel, specialist modelling software and high-specification machinery. Such investment is ongoing. Concepts can be brought to market via different routes, but there is an established methodology in place, which involves project milestones such as:

Fit and function tests via 3D Solidworks Modelling, to validate against intent Aesthetic and Handling Tests via Fused Desposition Modelling (FDM), to validate against expectation Performance Tests via initial Low Rate Pre-production (metal-cut) samples, to validate against international standards and commercial reality Thorough productionisation means that products are supplied to market via the right manufacturing routes thereby allowing us to remain competitive whilst still with more than half an eye on function and aesthetics. There is no reason why when engineers and marketers work together they can’t produce products that work brilliantly well and look stunning too.

Continuous product improvement can be brought about by internal review, perhaps by changes to material or process, but often improvements are brought about by listening to market feedback. We believe we are good at that - our marketing team is constantly exploring the marketplace and listening to customer feedback.

But the greatest advantage and the most fundamental part of our ongoing success is our team. From the people who develop the concepts to the guys who check every product we sell - it’s all about their competence and their diligence to ensure that ISC products are amongst the best in the world.