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Over 225 years of tradition, over 225 years of success. TEUFELBERGER is built on three solid pillars that form the basis for the company's success: Steel wire ropes, fiber ropes, and plastics extrusion. In the 225 years of company history, we have continuously broadened our expert knowledge in the development and production of steel wire and fiber ropes and plastic strapping. Drawing on an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and our experience and high level of technological expertise, we develop optimum solutions for our customers.

Our products are in use around the globe. They range from high performance steel wire ropes for various applications on cranes to premium steel wire ropes for use in mining and on ropeways, fiber ropes for various industrial applications, rescue and safety ropes and equipment, ropes for forestry work, fiber ropes and tools for arboriculture, lines and accessories for different boat types, and PP and PET strapping.

However, for products to remain successful they must be coupled to a continuous development process, which is why at TEUFELBERGER research & development play a crucial role. A team of experts continuously strives to improve and upgrade proven products and launch new ones. In cooperation with top-tier customers, we succeed in developing custom-tailored solutions for your type of use. Products attuned exactly to your specific needs and requirements complete our portfolio.

Yet, it is not only our first-rate products that set us apart, but also our service offerings. The fitters from our Steel Wire Rope division are deployed to customer locations around the globe to install, splice, or replace high performance steel wire ropes on cranes, ropeways, etc. And specific product training programs make our range of service offerings complete: these training programs take place either directly at our customers' sites or in our in-house competence centers for strapping, PPE against falls from a height, fiber ropes, or wire ropes – whatever the customer prefers.

Teufelberger Fiber Ropes